Stop Thief! Cooperative Mode Announced

Mar 17, 2018

Restoration Games announced the release of the cooperative play mode for Stop Thief! In this new mode, two to four players work together to take down the “Atlantic 7” before they make off with a pile of loot. Cooperative mode offers an exciting new play style that many players enjoy even more than the traditional competitive mode. The new mode uses components in the original game and requires no new components. Dan King, the “Game Boy Geek”, recently said the cooperative mode was “amazing” and “worth buying just for this mode”.

A single-page pdf of the cooperative rules is available for download on the game’s web page:

Stop Thief! raised more than $100,000 in its Kickstarter campaign last year. Stretch goals during the campaign promised alternate play modes, including cooperative. “We’re excited to deliver on this promise to our backers and to provide this fun way to play to everyone who owns the game,” said Justin D. Jacobson, president of Restoration Games. He reminds players that the app already features different difficulty levels and a funky retro mode and also says that solo and 1-vs-all play modes will be released as soon as the app development is finished.

Stop Thief was originally designed by Dr. Robert Doyle and published by Parker Brothers in 1979. Restoration Games brought back the new version at Gen Con last year, featuring a free companion app, asymmetrical movement decks, variable suspect effects, and vibrant new art.