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Breach the airlock, blow the doors, plunder the ship & survive!

A Semi-Cooperative, Tile laying, Dice rolling, Exploration game of Space Piracy for 1-4 players aged 13+

Into the Black: Boarding Party is a space pirate themed, semi-cooperative, tile laying, exploration game with a traitor element
designed by James J Campbell and published by I Will Never Grow Up Games

Play as a fierce band of space pirates who have boarded an unknown enemy vessel, set on accomplishing their primary mission while each pirate has their own secret goal to fulfill. 
Explore the ship one section at a time, loot the vessel of its bounty, fend off a seemingly unending wave of enemy defenders and encounter a potentially lethal series of events around every corner;
All while keeping morale high as the clock ticks down to your potential capture.
Be wary of the the traitor among you, out for personal glory at the expense of the rest of the crew!  

Will you make it off the ship with all of your goals accomplished and your crew intact? Find out in Into the Black: Boarding Party!

Players win the game if they complete their primary mission as a group AND each individual player will win only if they have completed their personal, secret goal!

However, players will lose the game if;

    • The Apprehension Track reaches 24 before completing the groups primary mission
    • The Morale Track reaches 0
    • Players do not achieve their Personal Objective before completing any other win or loss condition (individual players may win the game if they have completed their personal goals and the bridge crew has been defeated)
    • The Traitor plays their completed Personal Objective card
    • Players run out of Character Boards to choose from in the event of characters being defeated

On each turn, player's activate their character to perform up to two actions, moving them through an enemy star ship, looting valuable treasure and gear, discovering the ships layout as they go, encountering enemies and disastrous events along the way. There is potential danger around every corner!

Quick Info
Category Board Games, Adventure, Exploration, Dice, Tile Laying, Sci-Fi, Pirates
Number of Players 1-4
Age Range 13+
Time to Play 60 min

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Into the Black: Boarding Party

  • $69.95

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