Welcome everyone to I Will Never Grow Up! A site dedicated to all kinds of tabletop gaming, from miniatures to board games and everything in between!

As my first blog post, I thought I would just introduce you to some of the things we’ve got going on here.

We’re going to strive to keep making newer and better guides and tutorials so that you can learn how to improve your tabletop gaming experience as much as possible. If you have any advice you would like to give, please please please email me at rorschach@iwngu.com and I’ll check it out and make sure it gets incorporated somewhere!

Any time the guys at IWNGU.com play a game, we’re going to do our best to bring you an honest and straight forward review of that game, complete with pictures and, wherever possible (read as : when we have remembered to) video! We’ve got a few games in the pipelines already. Some of them are older but let’s face it; not everyone has heard of every game right?

Our forums are ramping up and have been available for a few weeks now. There is, and will continue to be a lot of conversation there about a variety of games, so by all means feel free to join in the conversation there. Registration is free and you can start posting immediately!

Check out our webstore (“Products” in the menu at the top of the page) for a variety of gaming accessories. We’ve partnered with Fieldmarshal Games to provide a variety of their products, plus our own gaming products are available (IWNGU.com products are all proudly made in Canada)!

I’ll leave you with one last item that I just finished watching myself .. check it out on Youtube if you can, Wil Wheaton is hosting a new Youtube series called “Tabletop” all about games! Episode 1 is up now with a great looking game called “Small World”.

See ya!