Human Interface, cyberpunk style board game Coming Soon

January 29th, 2015

A new cyberpunk style sci-fi board game is in the works right now called Human Interface.

While there is not a lot of information about the miniatures based game set in a “dark, high-tech, and quite near future,” the development company has been releasing bits of information about it on Facebook for the past week.

The game is designed for two or more players, but is possible to take on as a solo adventure. From the description offered in the About section of the game’s Facebook page, players will be able to create teams for specific tasks with special equipment, implants, chips, and weapons. Teams will “break the firewalls of corporate terminals and gain supremacy in battle.”

There is no official information as to when the game will launch.

Do you remember Cyberpunk 2020? Interface zero? Johnny Mnemonic? Are you funs of Blade Runner, Matrix, Repoman, Ghost in the Shell? So we are sure, you will love our new game. Hint (abbreviation for Human Interface Nakamura Tower) it’s a board game taking place in near future, when the world will be dominated by cyber technologies and the dirty plays of mighty corporations and powerful governments. The world that is all about the quickness of reaction and the speed of fired bullets.

The game is for 1+ players, and it features excellent models, modular board, cards, tokens and detailed rules. Combat in network? We have. Gunfire? No problem. Mortal combats. Sure! Operations in tactic networks? Present. Cyborgs, drones, clones, assault groups, agents? There are, or will be soon.