One Page Rules updates Warstuff to V1.5

May 8th, 2015

One Page Rules released WarStuff not really happy with the rules as they were written so they have updated WarStuff to what they are calling version 1.5.

Hi everyone,

When we released WarStuff two weeks ago we didn’t expect so many people to be excited by the concept. Since then we have received a lot of feedback of people that saw potential in the game, but were not truly satisfied with its mechanics.

And to be honest we were not totally satisfied with the game either when we released it, so getting all this feedback gave us the last push to actually do something about it. Well today we are releasing a new re-vamped version of WarStuff which we affectionately call v1.5.

The game has changed substantially, so we recommend everyone carefully read this new version before assuming certain rules stayed the same. The biggest changes are to the combat mechanics and the special rules, so pay close attention to those.

Additionally we are adding a new way to play WarStuff, which we call Last Stand.

Last Stand is a new game mode where you and your friends cooperate in fighting off waves of AI enemies in a struggle for survival. As the game progresses your heroes will get more experience and grow, whilst more and stronger enemies are added to each new wave.

So, are you ready for heroic battles against relentless masses of enemies? Are you up to the task of surviving against all odds? Then step up to the challenge and enjoy the Last Stand!