One Page Rules release Adeptus Mechanicus for 1p40K and 1pKT

June 21st, 2015

Now that GW has rolled out the second wave of admech miniatures One Page Rules are happy to announce the release of the Adeptus Mechanicus for 1p40k and 1pKT!

This new army comes with a ton of new weapons and special rules, making for a very interesting adversary on the battlefield. They’re also fixing a bunch of minor mistakes and updating some units here and there. Here is the changelog:

1p40k/KT – Added the Adeptus Mechanicus / Skitarii faction

1pKT – Psykers can now have max. 4 power dice

Tyranids – Revised the Mine Launcher and Explosive Head special rules; Updated Biovores to reflect these new changes

1pFB/FS – Gorebulls now have Quality 4+; Brenchwraiths are now Heroes