One Page Rules release Page of Sigmar

June 10th, 2015

Page of Sigmar from One Page Rules is now available to check out and download. They’ve also made a statement about their rules based on Warhammer Fantasy Battles stating that their rules for One Page Fantasy Battles and One Page Fantasy Skirmish will continue on.

Page of Sigmar is a new take on the AoS rules, condensing everything into just 1 page and modifying the rules to create a deeper tactical experience. The rule set adds many important things, such as new victory conditions based on capturing objectives, and expanded terrain rules so you can use all of your scenery with ease.

All of this has been done in such a way that you can play Page of Sigmar using all of the current warscrolls that are officially released by GW, meaning that all of your WHFB and AoS miniatures are supported. This also means that as new warscrolls are released by GW you don’t have to wait for us to adapt them, as everything is compatible with Page of Sigmar.

Because of the sheer amount of warscrolls available they are not going to be able to release any sort of point costs for the warscrolls. They recommend playing with roughly the same amount of miniatures and unit types to keep things balanced.