PWork Wargames Apocalyptic Terrain Bundles

July 16th, 2015

PWork Wargames have a new release with a special offer: The Apocalyptic Bundles!

For huge battles between huge armies, Pwork offers you the possibility to purchase two Wargame Mats size 4’x6?, printed on high-quality PVC material, at a discounted price, for playing epic games on a playing surface big twice (8’x6? or 4’x12?) than a normal gaming-table!

To create the gaming-table just unroll the two Wargames Mats and approach them next to each other: the PVC printed surface does not point out the dividing line between the two Wargame Mats and the underside will prevent Wargame Mats slipping or shifting during battles.  The Apocalyptic Bundles are extremely realistic, they are perfect settings for many kinds of wargames (historical, fantasy, sci-fi).