28mm WoTR Livery Badges available from Doms Decals

July 29th, 2015

In a bit of a departure for Dom’s Decals they are pleased to release the start of a range of 28mm War Of The Roses livery decals.

There are eight sheets in the first batch – white and red roses for people doing “generic” Yorkist and Lancastrian forces, and half a dozen specific nobles, for those wanting to do historical livery schemes.

Each sheet has 80 large decals, approximately 4.25mm across and/or high for the back of 28mm figures, as well as 30 “slashed” designs, which when cut along the black line through them, can be used on figures whose livery coat has a strap running across the back of it. It also has 100 smaller 2mm badges, for use on the front of the figure, although these should also work on the back of 15mm models.

The price is £2.25 GBP per sheet