New Tokens and Templates from Sally 4th

August 13th, 2015

Sally 4th have released a number of useful gaming aids:

Mini Measure Template for quickly measuring 1/2?, 1?, 2?, 3?
Made from Durable 3mm Perspex and available in a number of colors.  Very handy template for games such as Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy / Age of Sigmar

39 Precision Laser Cut Tokens for “Went the Day Well?” Platoon level rules for 1938 – A Very British Civil War, VBCW. Tokens cut from slate grey 2mm MDF and include:

• 5 x Watch & Shoot
• 5 x Searching
• 5 x Gone to Ground
• 4 x Nerve – Running Away
• 4 x Nerve – Suppressed
• 4 x Nerve – Jumpy
• 5 x Section Id.
• 7 x Vehicle Status
Set of 5 Perspex Templates for “Went the Day Well” Platoon level rules for 1938 – A Very British Civil War.  Templates cut from clear 2mm Perspex include:
• Combined Large Round Template (Field Gun Outer Rim / Mortar Inner Rim)
• Small Round Template (Light Mortar / Grenade / Rifle Grenade)
• Heavy Machine Gun
• Light Machine Gun
• Sub Machine Gun (SMG)

wtdw-template WTDW-tokens