Action All Fronts WW2 Miniatures rules available

August 22nd, 2015

Action All Fronts is a set of Wargames rules for world war 2 land battles.

With a single figure representing one man you can run Company level battles with a player comfortably able to control 100 men and 10 tanks.

The rules feature:

  • Alternate unit activation, with a unit able to perform a number of different activations in a turn.
  • Covering all of WW2 in all the different theaters of conflict.
  • Visibility important with the requirement to spot a target before being able to shoot at it.
  • Artillery support from on-table and off-table artillery.
  • 5 scenarios,
  • army lists for British, American, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian troops.
  • Rules for over-watch, weather, buildings, fortifications and heroes.