Kromlech roll the dice!

September 1st, 2015

Kromlech have a new release … not something to assemble or paint but every wargamer knows that there is not such thing as enough dice !!

As an addition to their current range they have new classic colors Ivory and Purple but also whole new range of Pearl Battle Dice all inside a handy plastic jar each with 35 Dice (12mm) ready for tabletop action.

Six new colors: Lifeless White, Greenskins, Chaotic Gore, Legion Ultramarine Blue, Alien Violet and Chaos Legion Black.

kromlech-ivory-battle-dice- kromlech-pearl-battle-dice-alien-violet

kromlech-pearl-battle-dice-chaos-legion-black kromlech-pearl-battle-dice-chaotic-gore

kromlech-pearl-battle-dice-greenskins kromlech-pearl-battle-dice-legion-ultramarine-blue