Preorders for new F.A.T. Mats are available now

September 25th, 2015

Frontline Gaming  been hard at work on new F.A.T. Mat designs, available for preorder now.

They provide new and unique play experiences for both the existing F.A.T. Mat owner and those gamers who have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy playing on a F.A.T. Mat. These new F.A.T. Mats meet Frontline’s high quality standards, and ship with a fantastic nylon zip-up bag to make storage and transportation a cinch.

The Industrial 6×4’ is an absolutely stunning F.A.T. Mat that evokes feelings of a manufactorum, Forge World or factory. The detail on the mat is incredible, and you will constantly be noticing new details as you play on it. Deployment zones for common games have been cleverly worked into the design of the mat, too, making set-up for games such as Warhammer 40k a breeze! The Industrial F.A.T. Mat works for a wide variety of game systems and will add an exciting new battlefield for your miniatures games.



The insanely detailed Spaceship Interior F.A.T. Mats beg to have games played on them recreating the tense battles we read about in Science Fiction fluff between terrible alien monstrosities and brave soldiers! It is also perfect for recreating boarding actions, and futuristic hive cities as well! These mats also have common deployment zones worked into their design to make pre-game set-up a breeze. The 4×4’ version is also great for games of Infinity. The Spaceship Interior F.A.T. Mats provide a truly unique environment for your miniatures games.


The Alien Invasion has begun! Can brave defenders stop the creeping menace from spreading or will their planet be overrun? The Alien Invasion F.A.T. Mat allows you to play these exciting and desperate battles out to their dramatic conclusions. This mat features recognizable alien growth on an otherwise healthy landscape, representing the early stages or an Alien Invasion! This mat provides a vibrant, wild battlescape for your miniatures games.


They’ve also released a 3×3’ version of the popular Alpine mat, featuring a snowy, rocky landscape! This is perfect for smaller miniatures games such as Malifaux.