Dragon Moon adventure for Witchborn released

October 6th, 2015

During a Dragon Moon, hunger hits you bad. There’s nothing to eat. Anywhere. Your best chance of survival is the Wandering Forest where trees are known to walk! Worse, there’s tales of Faelwyn, a bitter Will ’o Wisp who kills intruders into her wood. But your rumbling stomach decides it’s all worth the risk.

Dragon Moon is the third Adventure Guide for 2 or 4 players for The Witchborn and it’s available now.

Dragon Moon includes a random discovery map; No trip into the Wandering Forest is ever the same. Get notes and stats for every odd character you meet, from Baba Yaga to a storm giant that can’t make it rain.

The WitchBorn revolutionizes tabletop miniatures games with phone apps featuring an impressive variety of encounters and the kind of rich storytelling usually only found in roleplaying games. A one-of-a-kind roster tracks warriors’ advances, allowing you to guide them from inept beginnings to their rise as dominant heroes.