Ace Maneuvers – Maneuver Dial upgrade kits for X-Wing!

October 27th, 2015

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce three Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kits for X-Wing Miniatures!

X-Wing is a two-player miniatures game that invites you to enter the Star Wars universe and pilot iconic starships in tense, breakneck battles of skill and daring. The first player to destroy his opponent’s squad is the victor, and a vast assortment of ships and upgrades gives you the ability to infinitely customize your squadron.

In every game of X-Wing, you and your opponent secretly plot your ships’ movements using cardboard maneuver dials and maneuver templates. Now, you can command your starfighters with greater aplomb and further customize the aesthetics of your squadron by situating each ship’s maneuver dial within a secure and stylish plastic housing!