New Templates, Dice and Pin Markers for the battle beyond the Gates of Antares

November 10th, 2015

Warlord Games have released all the Supplies you need to play battles in the Antarean universe with their new Antares Battle Supplies! Templates, Concord Order Dice, Ghar Order Dice and Pin Markers

The templates are made in a clear blue plastic and allow you to show a variety of things on the battlefield. The round blast area effect (or Shot template as it’s known in Antares) is fairly obvious, and will be familiar to experienced wargamers. The sprue is packed with a wide variety of templates – all of which are used to represent the effect of various drones and munitions in the game.

When a unit is shot at by an enemy unit and suffers one or more hits it takes one pin once any casualties have been removed. Some kinds of special munitions are designed to in?ict extra pins; for example netmunitions, which cast a temporary suspensor net over the target.