19th Century Wargames rules coming from Grand Manoeuvre

November 18th, 2015

Grand Manoeuvre  are set to publish their new Nineteenth Century Wargames rules variants in February. The new rules will be in the same format as Grand Manoeuvres Napoleonic rules.
The first part, an introduction to basic game terms etc., will also have information about unit/army organisation and qualities, the weapons used, tactical doctrine and lists of historical generals` ratings. The second part will be the basic game rules themselves.

The first part will also contain additional rules, rules amendments and omissions. This first part will be made available separately, at half the full cost, if you already have the Napoleonic version.

Also included for reference, there will be separate files for the rules changes in each war.

The wars covered will be as follows:
1. The South American Wars 1811-1824
2. The November Uprising 1830-1
3. The Egyptian–Ottoman Wars 1831–3 & 1839-41
4. The Mexican War of 1846-8
5. The First Italian War of Independence 1848-9
6. The Hungarian Uprising 1848-9
7. The 1st Schleswig-Holstein War 1848-51

As with GM Napoleonic rules, there’ll be an ink-saving black and white version supplied too.