DICETINIY: The Lord of the Dice

November 21st, 2015

Currently on Steam Early Access for $5, DICETINY is a card-based, parody RPG.

Players roll and move around the board, playing cards to attack monsters and other players. The board will provide quests, money, and random events along the way. The card system works similarly to Hearthstone, were each card costs AP and you gain more and more AP every turn.

A long time ago in a board far,far away…. (Further than your grandma’s house) Ancient lords of the races found a sacred board, and they were given a pair of dice created by the Greater Power. Three for the Elves, seven for the Dwarves, nine for the Humans…. and ONE DIE that rules them all. DICETINY!

Save Middle Board from a very very evil and serious sage named Dead Serious and his followers in this Card-boiled RPG Under the Influence. Before you know it, you will be laughing at humors and parodies sandwiched between Fantasy and Popular Culture!