Robot Arena Combat released

November 25th, 2015

Michael Allen Newbanks Games’ RACWAR, Robot Arena Combat is a set of arena war game rules and counters for battle with robots. The game has the basic rules, as well as six top-down robot battle teams. The rules do not include victory conditions, allowing the players to come up with their own. Do you want to play to a set turn limit? Is the battle a free-for-all? Are there objectives, or do you fight to the last robot? It’s up to the players!

Included are:

  • 12 5×5 modular arena maps
  • 6 teams of 8 robot top-down counters
  • 4-page rules for robot fighting
  • Easy reference sheet
  • 1 game counter page
  • 1 stat sheet for the various types of robot (copy one for each player)