MAGE Company goes Digital

December 31st, 2015

Mage Company enters the digital era through a collaboration with Tabletopia! They are teaming up with Tabletopia to bring you their board games to digital space. Having board games on your tablet is a great way to play while on vacation or during other such trips, since there’s no cards or dice or plastic pieces to accidentally lose under the hotel bed or car seat.

The first games that are available in this new, digital platform are Hoyuk, Raid & Trade, and Wrong Chemistry. Many other games are in alpha testing and should be available in time.

From the company;

Transferring to the digital age is necessary, but not done for the sake of doing it and this is why we here at MAGE Company have decided to enter this new era with the Tabletopia platform. This is an important step, that will help us enhance board game development, while at the same time we will make games more accessible and affordable to all of you.

MAGE Company signed an agreement with Tabletopia a while ago and our games are in Alpha testing as we speak, so we should expect to have them available for the public soon enough. Tabletopia has been working hard to provide all of us with the best possible result, with great graphics and captivating gameplay for all our digital versions. This collaboration is a critical step for us, as it marks our first step into the future, a step that many other companies have taken with Tabletopia.