New Mousepad Material game mats

April 3rd, 2016

The Mousepad Wargame Mats from PWork Wargames are made in a new, fantastic material. A mousepad mat is made from a synthetic cloth with a 2mm thick rubber backing, a special material that allows the mat to lay perfectly and instantly since the first time you unroll It. This material also makes the painted mat surface soft to the touch and silent when you roll the dices, and the backing surface non-slippery thanks to the rubbered-material grip.

The graphic paint of Mousepad Wargame Mats is soaked into the material, so It will never scratch or fade off, allowing you to play innumerable battles without ruining or damaging the painted surface.
As accessory of the Mousepad Wargame Mats, the synthetic cloth shoulder bag is an ideal way to trasport and store the gaming mat.

It’s resistant, practical and lightweight, It allows you to bring your favourite mat with you for every battle you will play!