Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest adds PVP and Color Mastery

August 2nd, 2016

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest gets a brand new update (v1.5.8) for both Apple and Google Play users.

In this update, the highly anticipated PVP Events will finally make its way to Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest. The Nodes of Power PVP event has commenced and runs for 48 hours, twice a week.

They have also added a new major feature, called Color Mastery. In a nutshell, Color Mastery is a point system, per color. Color Mastery is accumulated by mastering cards.

  • You accumulate points on each card in your deck at the end of every fight.
    ? Only cards in your deck get points, so you’ll want to mix it up to master as many cards as possible!
  • Each card requires different amounts of points to be Mastered ­ few for Commons, lots for Mythics!
  • When you Master a card, you gain points in that card’s color in your Color Mastery chart.
    ? Colorless cards give you small amounts of points in every color
    ? Dual­color cards give you points in both colors
  • When you enter an event (such as the Nodes of Power event), you will be set in a tier depending your Color Mastery, from Bronze to Gold.
    ? The event’s color determines which Mastery the game looks at ­ for example, a Blue­ only event would only consider Blue Color Mastery.
    ? Events that do not have color restrictions take your entire Color Mastery into account.
  • Each Tier in an event gives different rewards, and higher tiers give better rewards!