Designer Blog – Good Vibes (Positive Events)!

Designer Blog – #IntoTheBlack

Good Vibes (Positive Events)!

One of the most common things I have heard over the numerous play testing sessions I’ve been a part of is “Oh my god! Are there no good events? Is it all bad things?!”

Well .. short answer was “Yes. Yes, all events on this enemy ship are bad, unless you count the “No Event: You’re safe, for now!” cards”. It seems the onslaught of non-stop bad things that happen any time you entered a room was becoming overwhelmingly dreadful and bringing about a defeatist feeling! While I did design the game to be rather difficult, I do realize there needs to be the occasional good vibe to help propel the team to a potential victory!

So, you spoke up, and we listened!

unexpected-allyIntroducing 3 new Positive Events cards (totaling 5 cards in the deck) to help you along the way when all else seems lost;

  • An Unexpected Ally – You’ve encountered an unexpected ally aboard the ship; someone who’s goals align with yours and is willing to follow along for the ride. These allies can, essentially, take damage in your place allowing you to better survive combat. They cannot fight or loot for you, but they’re still there to help in a great way!
  • Holonews Bulletin – News of your exploits has made the Intergalactic HoloNews Network! You’re reputation is growing as your name spreads among the stars! Gain 2 reputation for drawing this card, while everyone else in your group gains one. Even if this brings you above the maximum of 5 reputation!
  • New Orders Incoming – You have received a message from the mother ship – They have new orders for you! The players may choose to replace their current primary mission with a new one drawn randomly from the missions deck. Choose wisely. While the current mission may have become impossible to fulfill, who knows what the new mission brings!

As always, any comments and suggestions are welcome!

James J Campbell is the Lead Game Designer at I Will Never Grow Up Gaming and the creator of
several projects such as TechMage Sci-Fantasy RPG, Into the Black: A Game of Space Piracy and Conflict & Chaos: Vietnam 19