2016 AEG Black Box goes on sale Nov 25th

November 8th, 2016

Each year, Alderac Entertainment try something different with the Black Box. In previous years, the Black Box provided value and new games. This year, they have created a product that they say is “meant for advanced gamers”. There is only a single game in the 2016 Black Box.

This product is sure to challenge advanced gamers. The game in this year’s Black Box features innovative mechanics, deck building, and a lot of amazing art, all showcased on tarot-sized cards. Multiple players can enjoy this game with a single box, though many players may opt to buy multiple copies.

Beware: how you build a deck will never be the same…

Quantities extremely limited. $49.99 MSRP, available starting November 25th

blackboxcard1 blackboxcard2 blackboxcard3