Infinite Scenery wargaming sets from PWork Wargames

December 9th, 2016

Pwork Wargames have released their new Infinity Scenery: Wargaming Scenery Sets.

All of these sets are paper-printable sets, ideal for Sci-fi setting (in particular for the wargame Infinity), wherewith It’s possible to realize a 3D terrain piece, cardboard-made and already painted.
This set offers the possibility to quickly and easily build a scenic element, compatible with all major wargames, board games a role-playing games that use 25 mm or 28 mm miniatures, ensuring greater realism and visual impact on your wargame mat, all achievable with little effort.

All the Infinity Scenery have been created to be easy to cut and past, to give you a light-weight and resistant scenic element for your gaming mats, to improve the fun of your battles!