I Will Never Grow Up becomes the exclusive distributor of Field Marshal Games products.

December 12, 2016

I Will Never Grow Up Games has been named the worldwide exclusive distributor of Field Marshal Games line of luxury, replacement, strategy board game components.

After extensive talks between I Will Never Grow Up Games and Field Marshal Games, Field Marshal Games has made the difficult but necessary decision to close up their end user sales division and focus entirely on design and development of products in the luxury board gaming replacement parts field.

“Field Marshal Games has been a passion of mine for a little over nine years” says Jeremy Blowers, founder of Field Marshal Games. “Due to changing circumstances we have entrusted the distribution of our products to I Will Never Grow Up Games because of their dedication to the customers, fans and the hobby gaming industry. This frees up time to develop new products that we know I Will Never Grow Up will be capable of bringing to customers in a professional manner.”

All orders currently pending through Field Marshal Games will be forwarded to and fulfilled by I Will Never Grow Up Games. Moving forward all FMG products can be found and purchased via the I Will Never Grow Up Games website at www.iwillnevergrowup.com.

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Field Marshal Games designs and manufactures a line of luxury board game components used to bling up your board games. FMG is best known for their cornerstone product, Combat Dice; a custom silk screened set of dice designed for use with Axis and Allies as well as a myriad of other luxury gaming accessory products, mostly aimed at the war game audience.

I Will Never Grow Up Games is an online gaming news outlet, web store, and publishing company out of Toronto, Ontario with their own exclusive line of tabletop gaming products such as Industrial Production Chips, Into the Black: Boarding Party (A Game of Space Piracy), Conflict & Chaos: Vietnam 1965, TechMage RPG and many more currently in the design process.