Limited Edition hardcover version of Exodus available from FFG

December 18th, 2016

It’s time to go off grid with Ken “Express” Tenma and Miranda Rhapsody.

The limited edition hardcover version of Exodus is now available from the Fantasy Flight Games webstore!

Written by Lisa Farrell, Exodus puts the pedal to the metal as it follows Express and Miranda along high-speed chases, through the darkest corners of New Angeles, among encounters with shadowy assassins, and into the seedy underbelly of the clone black market.

Of course, disappearing with the world’s most recognizable celebrity isn’t an easy task, so how does a runner like Express even attempt it? Is it even possible, or is he just buying time to work on his back-up plan? What’s more, who wants to pay him for getting Miranda out of New Angeles, and why?

Hop aboard your Qianju 7000 and feel your engine roar. You’ll race from one point of intrigue to another, swerving around plot turns, and past scenes that follow the NAPD and Caprice Nisei’s pursuit of the fugitives. Throughout the entirety of the story, you’ll get a better sense of street-level New Angeles, the runner’s lifestyle, how the world views clones, and how the clones view themselves.