Ghosts of Dathomir available for Star Wars: Force and Destiny

December 30th, 2016

Track a legendary artifact, avoid Imperial entanglements and Hutt involvement, and pursue a powerful Force-wielding mercenary with a personal stake in the artifact in Ghosts of Dathomir, an upcoming adventure module for Star Wars™: Force and Destiny.

A mysterious statue called Tragic Hope has arrived in the hands of a Toydarian exotic item dealer, leaving bodies in its wake. The statue and its dealer, Walisi, have gone missing, and you and your party won’t be alone in tracking him down…

Walisi has ties to the Gorensia Hutt kajidic, who want him back, and your search for the statue will likely draw the attention of the Hutts. Jerserra, a ruthless and powerful criminal leader, is also seeking Tragic Hope and the shard it holds aloft—could she be responsible for the trail of corpses it leaves behind? Were that not enough, the Empire has dispatched the ISB in pursuit of Jerserra despite knowing little about the lightsaber-wielding mercenary. It’s a triple threat that will take you from the relative security of the Hutt-controlled Toydaria to one of the most deadly and mysterious planets in the Outer Rim: Dathomir. The rewards, however, could be well more than you can imagine: control of an artifact with ties to the Force. With rumors linking it to powerful Force users in the Clone Wars, the statue has drawn the attention of the power hungry and those who wish to stop them. Which are you?

Ghosts of Dathomir brings the dread world of Dathomir and its legacy of unconventional Force users into your campaign. Today’s preview offers a glimpse of the darkness that awaits you as you chase Tragic Hope to the haunted lands of Dathomir, where fear may very well devour you alive.