Elder Signs Museum Gamemat available from Fantasy Flight

January 29th, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that you can now enhance your games of Elder Sign with the Museum Gamemat, available now via our in-house manufacturing!

In Elder Sign, you and your friends undertake the desperate task of finding enough Elder Signs to forestall the impending arrival of an Ancient One—a dread being of such unfathomable power as to spell the ruin of human civilization. Your games see you thrust into combats with cultists and strange, otherworldly monsters. You’ll confront terrors that slowly strip away your sanity, bit by bit. The whole time, you’re racing the clock, desperate to gather your Elder Signs before the forces of evil complete their summoning.

And you do it all—or nearly all—in the Arkham Museum.

With its detailed map, the Museum Gamemat brings this Museum to life on your tabletop. You’ll discover the relative locations of the Gardens, the Great Hall, the Hall of Curiosities, and the Zoology exhibit, among others. You’ll even find a hidden passage to a nearby building that’s been closed to the public and a note scrawled in… blood?

In addition to its map of the Museum, the 26″ by 26″ Museum Gamemat inspires you to action with dramatic renditions of two of Arkham’s finest investigators. And it reminds you of the dangers that await you; two eerie, crawling monstrosities lurk in the gamemat’s corners.

Printed on all-natural, no-slip rubber, the Museum Gamemat protects your cards and dice against any imperfections or clutter on your table. You might not be safe IN the Museum, but when you play ON the Museum, your cards and dice will benefit from the sort of protections you only wish you could offer your investigators.