Great Scott! Available at Retail Now

February 14th, 2017

Great Scott! The game of Mad Invention from Sinister Fish Games is available in retail and online now!

Queen Victoria has summoned inventors from all over the Empire to compete in a grand contest to decide who will earn the title of Royal Inventor.

Players take on the roles of slightly unhinged inventors and construct ridiculous contraptions using Asset and Concept cards in various categories: Animal, Mineral, Vegetable, and Productive, Destructive, and Transportive. After 5 rounds of drafting, each player presents their invention to the other players, who must award secret commendation points to their favourites.

The presentation phase is the heart of the game, with each player describing one of almost a billion bizarre and hilarious inventions, such as the “Amazing Ape Activated Cucumber Conserver”, or the “Colossal Crab Conducted Cabbage Conveyor”.

Inventions are scored for their base value plus bonuses for combining the various card types. In an innovative twist, bonus points are also awarded for alliteration, making inventions such as the “Diabolical Dynamite Deployed Donkey Deterrent” an extremely high scoring creation! The winner is the player with the most points after 3 rounds.