Battlefield in a Box: Medium Desert House and Desert Escarpments Now Available From Battlefront

March 2nd, 2017

Battlefront have released their Battlefield in a Box: Medium Desert House for Flames of War 15mm WW2 Miniatures.

Scenery has always played a vital part in Flames Of War. With the pending release of 4th Edition and the return to the desert for Mid-war, we’ve taken the opportunity to refresh our range of Battlefield in a Box desert terrain.

Four walls and a roof provide the infantryman with protection from small arms fire and shell fragments. Making them difficult to winkle out without the aid of some real firepower.

Also released are their Desert Escarpments Battlefield in a Box set. These naturally occurring slopes are a tank crew’s best friend. Blocking line of sight; allowing room to manoeuvre and outflank the enemy or providing concealed firing position when taking up a hull down position.