PWork Wargames Release Ruined Complex 28mm Scenery Set

May 1st, 2017

Pwork’s Wargames presents a new release in their gaming scenery set; Scenery Set design: Ruined Complex – Scenery Set 09

Ruined Complex – Scenery Set 09 is a paper-printable set, ideal for fantasy or Sci-Fi settings, wherewith It’s possible to realize a 3D terrain piece, ideal to be used as crumbling or ruined buildings, joined in one complex or separated.

This set offers the possibility to quickly and easily build a scenic element complex, compatible with all major wargames, board games a role-playing games that use 25 mm or 28 mm miniatures, ensuring greater realism and visual impact on your wargame mat.

Ruined Complex – Scenery Set 09 has been created to be easy to cut and past, to give you a light-weight and resistant scenic element for your gaming mats, to improve the fun of your battles!