HC SVNT DRACONES Launches First RPG Miniatures Expansion

June 25, 2017

HC SVNT DRACONES is a tabletop RPG created by Pierce Fraser, who has, through the help of Kickstarter supporters, launched the first expansion for the HC SVNT DRACONES anthro miniature line.

With the collaboration of Imagine 3D Miniatures, this line provides usable models for the tabletop RPG and also a massive line of modular anthro miniatures for use in any roughly 30mm scale tabletop game set in modern or future time.

Now HSD expands the initial miniature line by nearly 4 times. The expansion includes tauric characters, non-morphic animal heroes (called Laterals in HSD), nagas, new arms, casual poses, and more. Thanks to the stretch goals unlocked in the Kickstarter campaign, the line has also introduced nude sculpts for those who are adept at modeling their own armors, and also the possibility to combine genders. With the addition of the expansion, this makes the HSD miniature line the largest anthropomorphic modular miniatures option in the world, and it’s still growing.

All these updates have been possible thanks to all the backers who supported the Kickstarter campaign. The next HSD miniatures expansion will tackle challenges like head hair, new heads, variant body builds and unique enemies from the HSD line that could stand in nicely in other scifi games too.