9 Days Left to Pledge for Into the Black: Boarding Party – Funded and 10 Stretch Goals Unlocked!

Feb 20, 2018

Into the Black: Boarding Party has just 9 days left in it’s Kickstarter Campaign!

160% Funded and 10 stretch goals have been unlocked so far! With the expected surge in the final 48 hours of the campaign it appears this game will come fully stretched/upgraded and the designer has hinted at a couple of bonus extras that may be snuck into the final production!

Board an enemy star ship, loot and plunder, complete your objectives and survive!

Take on the role a fierce band of space pirates who have boarded an enemy vessel, set on accomplishing your mission while each pirate also has their own secret goal to fulfill.

Explore and loot the vessel of its bounty, fend off a seemingly unending wave of enemy defenders and encounter a potentially lethal series of events around every corner; All this while keeping morale high as the clock ticks down to your potential capture.

Be wary of the possible traitor lurking among you, out for personal glory at the expense of the rest of the crew!

Some info about Into the Black: Boarding Party

  • 1 to 4 player
  • Semi Cooperative with a Traitor mechanic
  • 90-120 minutes play time
  • Ages 14+
  • Kickstarter Backer price CA$59, SRP CA$65
  • Kickstarter backers receive all unlocked content at no extra charge (expansions notwithstanding).
  • KS Promo Items will be made available through retail at additional cost after fulfillment.
  • Quick Player Turns – With 2 actions per turn it will be your turn again in no time!
  • Re-playable –  10+ player boards,14 personal goals, 7 primary missions and a completely modular game board mean no two games are likely to be quite the same!
  • Semi Cooperative – Players must work together to complete the primary mission while also dealing with their own personal goal, complete with the possibility of a traitor in your midst!
  • No Player Elimination – Everyone is in the game to the end!
  • Solo Play Integrated – With a complete enemy AI system, Into the Black: Boarding Party is fully playable solo, by design!
  • The first in a SERIES of Games – Into the Black: Boarding Party is the first in a series of games in the Game of Space Piracy world, with a prequel and a sequel game currently in development!