Runaway Parade Games launches Fire Tower on Kickstarter

May 2, 2018

Fight fire with fire in the one and only competitive forest fire board game, Fire Tower!

Gwen Ruelle of Brooklyn, New York and Samuel Bryant of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for their new game, Fire Tower, on April 24th. The 2-4 player game combines hand management and strategic pattern laying to create a fast-paced game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. The game features vivid, colorful watercolor design by fine artist Kevin Ruelle, and beautiful components that will catch anyone’s attention.

Over the past three years, Sam and Gwen have been designing, developing,and play testing Fire Tower, bringing it to 15 game conventions and countless game nights. Fire Tower won the Audience Choice Award for Tabletop at the Champlain Games Festival, and was selected to be in three different indie game showcases, including The Boston Festival of Indie Games, The Too Many Games Indie Showcase,and the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games, where it was awarded Best First Impression and runner-up for Best in Show.

In Fire Tower, each player mans a fire tower and uses action cards and spatial planning to protect their tower. Every turn the fire spreads in the direction of the wind, and players must skillfully and efficiently manage their cards to avoid going down in flames. Players can harness the power of the wind to push the inferno towards their opponents, clear tracts of land to create a fortress around their towers, hinder the plans of their opponents with torrents of water, and unleash an arsenal of fire cards upon their foes. Each card type has a unique pattern with its own tactical advantage, and players must effectively direct the resources in their hand anduse sound spatial planning to deploy them. Click here to view our How To Play video. The game is easy to learn, takes only seconds to set up, and is intuitive to play, so that you can start playing within minutes of opening the box. That said, this is not a simple game to master: multiple variables allow for a wide range of strategies, and no two games look alike.

The game will be available for a discounted price of $39 on Kickstarter, with free shipping in the US and friendly shipping to the EU, Canada, and Australia.

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