Jon Gilmour Joins Pandasaurus Games as Head of Game Development

Oct 31, 2018

Pandasaurus Games would like to welcome another member to Team Pandasaurus!

World renound nice-guy and amazing designer Jonathan Gilmour has joined the team as the head of Game Development.

Jonathan has been a great friend of ours and a designer we were blessed to work with for a while now on hits like Wasteland Express and Dinosaur Island, and now he will be handing the development duties on all of our internally developed games.  Dead Man’s Cabal is the first of many great things on the horizon with Jon!

To quote Jon:  “It’s been a pleasure working with Pandasaurus Games on Wasteland Express Delivery Service and Dinosaur Island! The care and attention that they give their games made them one of the top companies that I wanted to partner with. Over the years we’ve developed a great working relationship, helping on development of several of their titles (Nyctophobia, Duelosaur Island, and Dead Man’s Party), and I’m very excited to continue that relationship coming on board with them full time. I am very excited about the projects that we have in the pipeline!”