Jabberwocky, A Collection of 5 Games in One Box On Kickstarter from Jellybean Games

Nov 21, 2018

Jellybean Games announced the launch of Jabberwocky, a collection of 5 games in one box.

Jabberwocky is the follow-up to the hit game The Lady and the Tiger – reuniting ex-Disney artist Tania Walker and the designer of Dracula’s Feast and Village Pillage, the games included range from a mancala game, an area control game, a solo puzzle game, an asymmetrical map-making game, and a negotiation game that goes up to seven players!

“Each of the games is totally different” said founder Peter C. Hayward. “They’re all easy to learn, but with an astonishing amount of depth. I’ve played each of them over a hundred times, and I’m still always keen to play more.”

Each of the games lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes, and the collection as a whole has a player-count of one to seven. Like all Jellybean Games, they’re all family friendly and the art is absolutely
gorgeous. Tania Walker has filled the game with delightful characters inspired by the Lewis Carroll poem.
All of the games are by first-time designers, and were chosen from over one hundred entries to a contest; the components were put
online, and the winners were offered publication in the collection.

Designs by Joel Colombo, Karl Lange, Marek Tupy, Joe Myron, and Patrick Chapman are included in the box.

The Kickstarter has a funding goal of $10,000 – if all stretch goals are unlocked, three more games will be added to the collection: a bidding game by Peter C. Hayward, a bridge-building game by Mark Bethell, and a rummy-style game by John Fowler. Other stretch goals include component upgrades, and unique art for all eighteen cards in the game.