Quirky Circuits from Plaid Hat Games Available to Pre Order

Mar 10, 2019

Plaid Hat Games announced the release of Quirky Circuits, the game of robot programming silliness from acclaimed designer Nikki Valens available for pre-order now, releasing this summer!

Two to four players help program a robo-buddy to complete a task before its battery runs out. But be warned, nobody knows what cards the other players have contributed. With 21 scenarios of increasing intensity, Quirky Circuits is guaranteed to provide hours of brain-bending fun!

Choose between four different robots to program. Each robo-buddy has unique movements with different goals they need to complete. Gizmo the vacuum cleans up dust bunnies wreaking havoc in the house, and Twirl’s garden can’t grow with the pesky ants stealing the seeds. Sparkee is a dog archaeologist on a mission to dig up exhibits for the museum, and poor Lefty has cats demanding portions of his finest sushi!

Players place programming cards face down, only knowing what types of cards their friends have played – movement, turn or quirk. Quirk cards must be played before a player uses any other card in their hand and every player must play at least one card per round. Using deductive reasoning, all players will move the robo-buddy around the board, trying to complete its mission!