Z-Man Games Announces Noctiluca

March 25, 2019

In Noctiluca, players are competing to fill jar cards with rare noctiluca dice retrieved from the pool. Grateful healers eagerly await the delivery of specific arrangements of the mystical noctiluca and will reward you for every filled jar. You must carefully balance their requests and strategically gather noctiluca to prove yourself as the best diver in the Cerulean Pools!

The most important aspect of Noctiluca is gathering noctiluca dice from the pool. You’ll need to carefully plan your dive into the water. On each of your turns, you will place a pawn on the shore around the edge of the pool. Then you will have a choice. You can dive straight along one of the two straight paths accessible from the shore you chose. Then choose a number and collect each die showing that number along the path you dive through.

You can place a pawn on any empty shore, but once a pawn has been placed on a shore, no one else can dive from there for the rest of the round. Placing a pawn can both claim the perfect noctiluca dice for yourself, while simultaneously blocking off what your opponent needs!

Collecting noctiluca and filling jars for points is the core of Noctiluca, but within this simple task is a world of strategic depth.  You can pre-order your copy of this beautiful game from acclaimed designer Shem Phillips.