The Captain – Elayna Reynolds

Tough as nails, stern and demanding, but revered by her crew. The Captain took over command of this ship and her crew from her mother. Born and raised among pirates, it’s what she knows and she knows it very well.

In game abilities include earning reputation for rolling a critical hit, the ability to re-roll any single die roll (all dice), including that of another player (and no, she does not need to ask permission to re-roll your dice)!

Able Bodied Sailor – Lorem Ipsum

The backbone of any pirate crew, the Able Bodied Sailor is ready to follow orders and get dirty doing so. The Able Bodied Sailor is the unsung, faceless grunt among the crew.

In game abilities include the ability to take damage in place of the Captain, Ship’s Mate or Quartermaster (willing to dive in front of them to save their lives!) and earn reputation by doing so, move farther than normal or take more loot than normal!

The mad genius pirate Surgeon – Dr Bartholomew Bellamy

Don’t dare go to him with a minor bruise lest you want a limb replaced! A seriously crazy medical genius who makes do with old, out dated and patched up equipment to get the job done; one way or another!

In game abilities include healing himself or other crew members and earning reputation for doing so.

The stoic and grizzled Navigator – Jason Longoria

A once proud military man, dishonorably discharged from the federal services for going against his Commanding Officers orders and saving helpless masses. He looks grim and tough but he’s really a kind-hearted soul. Relegated to serving with a Pirate Crew just to get by.

In game abilities include a knowledge of the ships layout (rearranging top tiles of the room deck), or knowing what room he is about to enter before opening the door!

The befuddled Quartermaster – Alistair McIronbritches the 5th

He was never meant to hold this position .. he just kind of fell into it when his uncle, the former Quartermaster, was killed in an ‘accidental’ gunpowder explosion.

Completely unsure of his abilities, but able to convince the Captain that he knew what he was doing having spent “so much time with Uncle” when in reality he was merely playing with bits and bobs paying no attention to what was going on.

In game abilities include the opportunity to discard items without penalty (Hey, he’s the quartermaster .. he knows what’s junk .. right?), always taking more than normal amounts of loot and freely passing items between crew members.

The Gunner – Kokushibyo

Tough, mean and a dead shot with just about any weapon you give ‘im, but slow as molasses! The Gunner is the last of his kind with nothing to lose.

In game abilities include the chance to damage ALL enemies in a group, even those he did not target in an attack, and to re-roll attack dice.

The Sailing Master – Mona T. June

Responsible for most of the ships’ gear, rigging and more, but one tough fighter when called upon! You don’t want to face this cyber-enhanced pirate alone!

In game abilities include always attacking first, under any circumstances, moving farther than normal or re rolling searches (including other players).

The Henchman – (1-3 player game quasi-AI Character)

He gets the crud jobs, he gets the cast off equipment, but he does his part without complaining .. much!

The Henchman is a player controlled AI of sorts – Used in lower player count games, he is controlled by the player who starts their turn on the same tile as him. He can also carry any amount of loot despite the normal limits.

The Boatswain – Daviu Croft

Is largely responsible for the components of the ships hull and her crew. Capable of finding any flaw .. or any valuable trinkets .. in a glance!

In game abilities include a lot of re-rolls and excellent searching abilities.

The eager Ships Mate – Nova Warren

Quick to mimic other crew members in an effort to help and learn serving as a valuable apprentice to the higher ranking crew.

In game abilities include taking on the special abilities of ANY OTHER CHARACTER she happens to share a tile with!


The Mechanic – Rikkert

Dirty and grim with no sense of humor this guy can fix just about any hunk of junk in the galaxy with a shoestring and some chewing gum if needed.

In game abilities include saving a die roll for use later, moving farther than normal and re rolling a search.

The Stowaway – Oksanna

She snuck onto your vessel to get away from the junk world and street life. Sneaky and fast, she has become almost like a mascot to your crew and an invaluable asset!

In game abilities include automatically retreating from any combat if desired and being very hard to hit!

The Ally of Convenience – Saga Salko

Joining the crew was an obvious choice for Saga Salko. Of course, her loyalty is about is solid as the crews ability to keep her safe and wealthy. If that changes, so may her opinion on which side she belongs on.

In game abilities include a level of disobedience that is (barely) tolerated by the Captain for convenience sake (keep both personal goals and complete either to win).

The Bounty Hunter – Xavier ‘Quinn’ Garrick

As bounty hunters go, Xavier is top notch. Quick and deadly and seemingly without emotion. He gets the job done for the right price.

In game abilities include being an exceptionally deadly marksman.

The Turncoat – Quniton Vas

A former Federal Agent turned smuggler, turned pirate, turned .. well, whatever role he needs to play to stay alive really!

In game abilities include quick retreats from combat and the ability to masquerade as an enemy officer.

The Mascot – Sir Charley of Barley and his army of Feline Minions.

The lovable mutt with a bite greater than his bark and a mini army of pesky felines at his side.

In game abilities include an increased hand limit (those cats are useful for something after all) and exceptional re-roll ability.