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PuzzleLock Sewers & Undercity Terrain Available Now

June 30, 2019

Large RPG Cities, just like Rome or Paris, have sewer systems for the primary purpose of drainage–to keep their streets from flooding. The sewers channel storm water away from the city.

Whether your RPG campaign is set in Balder’s Gate, Calimport or Waterdeep in the Forgotten Realms; Beneath the sprawling streets of Ravnica, or in the underground canals of Sigil in the outer planes, your adventures are likely to take you into the Sewers and Undercity….

PuzzleLock Sewers and Undercity is a 3d printable terrain for 28mm tabletop RPGs. The tiles connect like a jigsaw puzzle–there is no need for clips or magnets, and the tiles require no supports for printing.

There are 23 .stl files in the set, each one exquisitely detailed to create an immersive environment. The modular design will allow you to create an endless labrinth of Sewers and Undercity.

Hobgoblin 3D Releases 3D Printed Terrain and Accessories

March 21st, 2017

Hobgoblin-3D LTD focuses on delivering high quality 3D printables geared towards the tabletop games market.

Their e-commerce service is completely digital, so no physical manufacturer, distribution or packaging. The consumer simply purchases the files and prints via their home use 3D Printer.

As of right now they are producing 28mm scaled props for tabletop roleplaying systems such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder and are looking to expand into further avenues as they progress.

3D Printable Card Tray from Maker Games for Dungeon Explore

July 15th, 2016

Check out this interesting co-op project between Ill Gotten Games and Maker Games; Dungeon Explore 3D printable Card Tray From Maker Games.

You may know Ill Gotten Games from all of the awesome 3D printable miniatures and terrain pieces they create. They recently teamed up with Maker Games to support the launch of the Dungeon Explore Card Deck on Kickstarter.

Adrian Croft (a.k.a @Dutchmogul) from Ill Gotten Games created this square card tray that can be downloaded for free and printed on a 3D printer. It has some intricate stonework and embossed shadowy figures that matches the style of the cards.

Imagine 3D Miniatures Mounted Heroes available now

November 2nd, 2015

Finding just the right miniature for your Roleplaying Game Character can be tough sometimes. Spending hours looking through catalogues and never quite finding the right one can be frustrating, especially when you are looking for one that is riding the proper mount!

Mounted Heroes from Imagine 3D Miniatures gives you the opportunity to imagine your mounted miniature and make it real through 3D printing.

You can create miniatures from a combination of components modeled in 3D. There are millions of possible combinations and once you have customized your miniature, you can order it in 3D and receive it in a few days.


Open Board Game lets you 3D Print your own board game

March 31st, 2015

Game development company Thinker Thing is in the process of developing a full community of free downloadable plans for 3-D printing your own board game.

The open source project, called Open Board Game, is designed to allow both creators and players participate in the process. With the framework, creators will be able to upload the models to the website and players will be able to download them to make physical pieces on a 3-D printer.

According to 3DPrint, the framework is a set of components, like interlocking board tiles, mini figs, cards, dice, and even electronic elements, all of which can be printed at home using a 3-D printer.

Currently, the website features free 3-D printer download models for two games; Miomon, a monster-capture card game, and Rust to Dust, an advanced war type strategy game. Rust to Dust is in its first playable state and Miomon is still in the early concept stage.

The idea is to have the public create their own games and publish the models to the website so that others can print-and-play for free. If you don’t have your own 3-D printer at home, the Open Board Game website recommends a few websites that will print your products for you.

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