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Shinobi7 Announces My Hero Academia Card Game

July 14, 2018


A thrilling card game from Shinobi7, set in the super-powered world of the hit anime My Hero Academia!

“Welcome, Students, to the most important training in your life, where you will learn how to be true super heroes!” – All Might

?In My Hero Academia: The Card Game, you must recruit super-powered Students to your Hero Agency. Select Students with the best combinations of Quirks, (super-powered abilities) to complete challenging Missions and become the mightiest Agency around!

The Bumblebee Air Transport Available From Burn In Designs

June 18, 2017

The Bumblebee Air Transport  steampunk inspired miniature is now available from Burn In Designs

Bumblebees are the real workhorse of the air in the animal kingdom. Able to cover great distances, carrying heavy loads of pollen while still being able to land on the most delicate flowers. Now you can have that same versatility in an air transport. Please welcome the new Bumblebee Air Transport. Based off the same lifting body used in the Firefly light commuter, the Bumblebee expands with greater range from its quieter engines. At the same time those quieter engines give the air-frame 5 times the lifting capacity without any loss in maneuverability. The larger central cargo area has dual side doors with a pass-though design perfect for quick loading and unloading. It even includes extended platforms to allow the mounting of external storage pods or equipment. Get your piece of the future today. The Bumblebee Air Transport.

The Bumblebee Airship is a new steampunk/anime inspired design. As a tall airship it has a great feel on the table and offers an interesting take on alternate history flight. The kit uses a wooden frame for rigidity and durability and is skinned in 1.5mm thick cardstock to allow for the rounded shape, The top canopy is removable for easier placement of figures and supports up to a 40mm base. The internal cabin and door platforms support multiple 40mm based figures.

M&K Adventures launches Anime Miniatures Kickstarter

December 14th, 2013

M&K Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of anime-inspired miniatures.

M&K Adventures is a new company that creates original Anime characters sculpted in 28mm scale and cast in Lead-Free Pewter. We have come to Kickstarter to use the crowd funding platform to help us launch our vision.

Our vision is to provide high quality miniatures to your tabletop, while providing excellent customer service along the way. We strive for the highest quality in all steps of the process.