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Cards Against Humanity do a product refresh

November 24th, 2016

With the copious amount of Cards Against Humanity’s expansions and promos things were getting messy, and customers were (apparently) getting confused. The team behind the game has given the product line a refresh and consolidated things a bit in order to make purchasing the game much easier.

  • Expansions 1, 2, and 3 are now available for $20 as the 300-card Red Box
  • Expansions 4, 5, and 6 are now available for $20 as the 300-card Blue Box.
  • An all new Green Box with 300 new cards. This is the largest expansion written, more than half the size of the main game.

The Bigger Blacker Box also got a refresh as the old one was too small to fit all the new stuff. The new BBB is $15 and (currently) large enough to hold the entire CAH product line.

There’s also a new product tossed into the mix, a set of 50 blank cards called Your Sh*tty Jokes for $5.

Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah from CAH

November 15th, 2015

Cards Against Humanity has announced this year’s holiday promotion, the Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah.

For only $15 you’ll get 8 mystery gifts through the month of December. Simple and easy. They also claim this is the last time they’re doing a holiday promotion, so get in while you can…until, you know, they decided to do one next year anyway.

Cards Against Humanity: The Design Pack available now

August 2nd, 2015

It’s time for another expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity, The Design Pack.

This time they’ve teamed up with some top-notch graphic artists to create fully-illustrated stuff for the game. For $10 you get 30 cards from designers like Milton Glaser (I <3 NY), Susan Kare (the Apple Macintosh), Erik Spiekermann (MetaDesign), and legendary printmakers including Jay Ryan, Yann Legendre, Olly Moss, Mike Mitchell, and Sonnenzimmer.

All profits made from The Design Pack sales are donated to the Chicago Design Museum.

Crabs Adjust Humidity vol5 coming soon

May 18th, 2015

Crabs Adjust Humidity is an unofficial parody expansion for the epically popular Cards Against Humanity card game.

There are already four expansions with 112 cards in each deck (which you can now buy as a set). You can now expect Crabs to infest your game again with volume 5.

The unofficial expansion cards are printed on linen finished casino-quality cards and feature the black-and-white card design similar to CAH. Each 112-card pack contains 80 white and 32 black that are all 100 percent compatible with the original CAH game. In fact, Vampire Squid notes that you must have the CAH base game in order to play this unofficial expansion.

Volume 5 is rumoured to launch in June, but Vampire Squid says they have no firm launch date as of reporting.

Cards Against Humanity release 3 new packs

March 31st, 2015

Three new sets are available for purchase now for Cards Against Humanity:

  • The Sixth Expansion – 75 white & 25 black cards.
  • Science Pack – A collaboration with Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Bad Astronomy, this set is science themed. All profits of this set are donated to the Science Ambassador Scholarship.
  • 2014 Holiday Pack – 24 white & 6 black cards. All profits donated to Sunlight.

Each set is $10, and can be purchased directly through the Cards Again Humanity site.

Cards Against Humanity .. er .. Originality APP being made available

March 13th, 2015

Don’t you wish you could play Cards Against Humanity whenever, wherever? Well now you can, without needing to carry around a box full of cards.

Luckily there’s a new way to play the world’s most crass game, and everyone can easily join in as long as they have a phone, tablet, or computer on them. It’s called Cards Against Originality, and it’s a web app that contains all of the original Cards Against Humanity cards — and five expansion card sets, too.

Now you might be asking how this can be legal, but it turns out that the original Cards Against Humanity board game is licensed under a Creative Commons license that allows for the game to be remixed and used for free (as long as it’s not sold), according to Product Hunt.

To start a game of Cards Against Originality/Cards Against Humanity, one of the players needs to open up the web app on their phone, tablet, or computer by heading over to the website. They can then choose to start a new game, which generates a share link that can be messaged or emailed to other players. Outside players need to click on that link to join in the game.

5th Expansion for Cards Against Humanity

September 10th, 2014

In case you weren’t paying attention, The Fifth Expansion (not including all the special holiday packs) to everyone’s favorite, horrible, party game, Cards Against Humanity, has been released!

75 new White Cards, 25 new Black Cards, and 12 blanks cards, wrapped up and on sale now for $10 on the Cards Against Humanity store. I

n the email announcing the expansion the CAH people also mentioned more madness this holiday season. You can sign up for their mailing list to make sure you’re included in the fun.

DeckEpic introduces personalized Cards Against Humanity Cards

February 5th, 2014

Personalized cards for Cards Against Humanity based off your own personal Facebook activity? Absolutely, sign me up!

Here comes DeckEpic, a free service that creates black and white cards for #CAH based on your Facebook profile. You get to pick the friends you want to include, or have the system pick them out for you. In the end you’ll be given a special, customized deck of cards to print out yourself OR to order for use either with Cards Against Humanity, or entirely on their own.

It’s simple, and quick and oh so amazing! Just head over to deckepic.com and click “See Your Deck.” Select which friends to include and a complete deck of cards will be generated for you. Once that’s done you can edit cards individually to suit your needs.

From there you can download them or order prints.

A deck of 108 cards will cost you $19.99 before tax and shipping;  a real steal for such an epic addition to this game.