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Munchkin Bricks 2 Live on Kickstarter

July 21, 2019

MUNCHKIN BRICKS 2 takes your favorite Munchkin card game accessories and characters and turns them into real-life stuff!

‘MB2‘ fit your favorite miniature figures like LEGO®, Kre-O®, Kubrick®, Character Building®, Si-Dan® and Friends®.

Be creative!  You can use your new treasures in all kinds of fantastic ways, such as creating awesome game tokens or your own Munchkin-themed custom adventures!

These high-quality injection molded collectibles are fully licensed from Steve Jackson Games (www.sjgames.com)  and are ready to add fun to your brick-built characters.

The Mighty Exo-Armoured Dwarves 28mm scale miniatures On Kickstarter Now

Nov 22, 2018

The miniatures are cast in high quality metal, which may contain some lead, they are not toys and are not suitable for children. They are intended for collectors of 14 years of age or above. The miniatures will be supplied in kit form, unpainted and will need a small amount of assembly. They will supply 25mm round plastic bases if requested, you will be asked this on the survey when the Kickstarter ends.

On average they measure 28mm from foot to top of head (not including steam pipe exhaust). They fit scale wise with existing Olleys Armies Miniatures scrunt ranges.

Jabberwocky, A Collection of 5 Games in One Box On Kickstarter from Jellybean Games

Nov 21, 2018

Jellybean Games announced the launch of Jabberwocky, a collection of 5 games in one box.

Jabberwocky is the follow-up to the hit game The Lady and the Tiger – reuniting ex-Disney artist Tania Walker and the designer of Dracula’s Feast and Village Pillage, the games included range from a mancala game, an area control game, a solo puzzle game, an asymmetrical map-making game, and a negotiation game that goes up to seven players!

“Each of the games is totally different” said founder Peter C. Hayward. “They’re all easy to learn, but with an astonishing amount of depth. I’ve played each of them over a hundred times, and I’m still always keen to play more.”

Each of the games lasts for fifteen to twenty minutes, and the collection as a whole has a player-count of one to seven. Like all Jellybean Games, they’re all family friendly and the art is absolutely
gorgeous. Tania Walker has filled the game with delightful characters inspired by the Lewis Carroll poem.
All of the games are by first-time designers, and were chosen from over one hundred entries to a contest; the components were put
online, and the winners were offered publication in the collection.

Designs by Joel Colombo, Karl Lange, Marek Tupy, Joe Myron, and Patrick Chapman are included in the box.

The Kickstarter has a funding goal of $10,000 – if all stretch goals are unlocked, three more games will be added to the collection: a bidding game by Peter C. Hayward, a bridge-building game by Mark Bethell, and a rummy-style game by John Fowler. Other stretch goals include component upgrades, and unique art for all eighteen cards in the game.

Munchkin Steampunk – Girl Genius On Kickstarter Now!

Nov 4, 2018

Girl Genius is a super-popular webcomic by Phil and Kaja Foglio. It’s set in a very steampunky world and the heroine, Agatha Heterodyne, is a mad scientist and inventor. Or, as polite people put it, a “Spark”.

Munchkin Steampunk, Girl Genius, on Kickstarter now is an expansion for Munchkin Steampunk. The set includes Agatha, her friends and foes and rules for becoming a Spark and using Mad Science to improve your items – all the better to destroy your foes, grab their stuff and win!

River Horse Launches The Hunger Games: Mockingjay The Board Game Kickstarter

Oct 6, 2018

Riverhorse has launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Hunger Games: MockingJay the Board Game!

Panem is in revolt. After Katniss escaped from the quarter quell to the mysterious District 13, she joined an all-out rebellion. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – The Board Game is a strategic board game where two to four players must employ all their wits in order to free or control Panem.

At first glance, the Capitol seems to have the upper hand with larger resources and the support of most of the districts. As the resistance spreads, the Capitol will find that their iron fist can only crush one assault at a time. This forces them to choose the most important targets and make tactical decisions in order to break through to the heart of the resistance, District 13, before the rebellion overwhelms the entirety of Panem.

Each round, the districts that are not uprising give the Capitol power and the Capitol will move its forces to shore up the districts or prepare an offensive against District 13. The Resistance can spring up anywhere and must choose between spreading thin to sow rebellion or staying safe in larger numbers.

Each player has control of Mission or Operation cards which are played into districts to bolster defenses, add rebellion or even move units out of an unfavorable situation. These actions are not guaranteed success however and your heroes must be placed wisely to give your side the upper hand. Will you focus on your own agenda or try to disrupt your foe?

Combat in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – The Board Game is quick, the resistance make their rolls and the remaining Capitol units fight back meaning that districts can have a mix of Capitol and Resistance forces by the end of a turn.

Finally, the districts have rebellion tokens added to them or taken away depending on the forces and effects in play. The more rebellion tokens a district has the higher the chances of its uprising. If enough Districts join the Resistance they win the game!

Brains! Launches from Jellybean Games

Sept 24, 2018

Jellybean Games has launched their kickstarter campaign for Brains!, a zombie-themed card game for all ages.

Brains! is the third game in the Treasure Hunters series; a set of games that can all stand alone, or be shuffled together. The first game – Scuttle! – was pirate-themed, and made more than $87,000 on Kickstarter in 2016. The follow-up – Ninjitsu! – featured ninjas and cute woodland animals, and earned over $120,000 at the end of last year.

From the designer of Dracula’s Feast and The Lady and the Tiger, ?with stunning art provided by Kelly Jo (Hidden Panda), the game introduces a novel ‘graveyard-building’ mechanic. Cards can have a special effect when discarded from your hand or from your collection; the timing of discards can be a powerful tool, and a key to victory.

“Kelly Jo has done such a great job with the art of Brains!,” said designer Peter C. Hayward. “It fits perfectly with the gorgeous, watercolors of the previous games, while bringing its own unique energy. Perfect for families!”

As with all Jellybean Games, the rules are straightforward and easy to learn. Each turn, players either draw two cards, play a card from their hand, or bury the top card of the deck and move it straight to the top of their graveyard. Cards can be played either for their ability, or as a treasure. The first player to have twenty-one points of treasure in front of them is the winner. An expansion is to be released alongside the game: Burial! adds fifteen unique cards and an additional suit to the deck, allowing it to serve as a set of playing cards. The new cards play heavily on the graveyard building aspects of Brains!, and ensure that every game is unique.

Brains! is for 2 to 5 players aged 8+, and is currently on Kickstarter. A retailer pledge level is available.

A free print-and-play version of the game is available on the publisher’s website, jellybean.games

Galactic Scoundrels Sci-Fi Western Storytelling Game On Kickstarter

July 1, 2018

Galactic Scoundrels is a game made by and for people who love science fiction stories from the morally questionable end of the galaxy.

From Firefly to Cowboy Bebop to Star Wars to Rick and Morty, the game has a trope for just about every scoundrel story out there, but it tilts toward the space western genre more than most.

You have one goal in the game: to become the richest swindler in the galaxy, while telling some beautiful stories along the way. You’ll attempt this by agreeing to some not-very-nice jobs. Whether it’s an assassination, a kidnapping, or just an old-fashioned smuggling run, everyone playing tells the tale of each job one event at a time. Every action taken, every roll of the dice, every card played advances the story, complicating the adventure of the scoundrel who’s trying to make it to payday. Adventures can be serious or silly, tame or wild, absurd or plausible, whatever the players in your game decide. Along the way, the game will have you gambling, bluffing, negotiating, and occasionally tricking other players for a bit of extra profit.

It’s a wild, woolly mess of a galaxy out there, and it’s filled with stories. See if you have what it takes to survive them in Galactic Scoundrels from Little Rock Games.

Hidden Panda Comes to Kickstarter from Jellybean Games

June 12, 2018

The world’s cutest social deduction game has arrived on Kickstarter, with Jellybean Games launching the campaign for Hidden Panda, a hidden roles game for 5-8 players of all ages.

“I love social deduction games, but they always have such dark themes.”
said the designer, Peter C. Hayward. “Dystopian governments, witch hunts,
the criminal underworld… I wanted to make a game that you could play with
your kids, or anyone who enjoys a more upbeat theme. There’s no
werewolves or murder in this game; it’s about collecting baby pandas, and
Grandma handing out tea.”

From the designer of Dracula’s Feast and The Lady and the Tiger, ?with stunning art provided by Kelly Jo (Scuttle!, Ninjitsu), the bright colors and light-hearted theme breathe fresh air into the typically-gloomy genre.

“We told Kelly we wanted to break records in cute. As soon as she got to
work, we knew we’d made the right choice. My favorite piece of art in the
game is the ‘5 baby pandas’ token, which shows them lolling about in a
panda cuddle puddle. It’s impossible not to fall in love with it.”

As with all Jellybean Games, the rules are straightforward and easy to learn. Everyone is randomly given a role: If you’re a Panda, Keeper, or Grandma, you’re on the Panda Team. If you’re a Bandit, you’re on the Bandit Team. Only some players on the Panda team know who’s on their team, while each Bandit only knows their own role. Grandma plays face-up for the entire game; her role is to try to get baby pandas to her fellow teammates without giving their roles away. This unique addition to social deduction makes it perfect for family play – the Grandma role can be given to an adult to help guide younger players.

On their turn, each player hands out 3 baby pandas to other players. Then, they give one other player a piece of bamboo. When a player has 3 pieces of bamboo in front of them, everyone votes
on whether or not they should be netted. Netted players have their baby pandas taken away. If all the Pandas are ever netted, the Bandit team immediately wins. Otherwise, once everyone has
taken two turns, the team with the most baby pandas wins!

The game contains 8 role cards, 45 baby panda tokens, 16 bamboo tokens, 6 net tokens, and 1 cup of tea token. Kickstarter backers will get a free, exclusive set of wooden baby panda tokens.

A free print-and-play version of the game is available on the publisher’s website, jellybean.games