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A New Adventure for the L5R RPG Is Now Available for Download

Jan 26, 2019

Fantasy Flight Games continues to release adventures for the L5R RolePlaying Game digitally with “Wedding at Kyotei Castle“.

Rokugan is a land of choice and consequence. Nowhere has this been truer than at Kyotei Castle, a stronghold in the Golden Valley at the junction of Lion, Crane, and Phoenix lands. While the Lion and Crane clans have been clashing at nearby Toshi Ranbo, echoes of the same struggle have reverberated through Kyotei Castle. Now, a wedding meant to shore up the Crane Clan’s claim on the castle might be the very thing to unravel it. It falls to your samurai to decide the fate of the valley.

The Knights of the Green Flame want adventurers!

December 8th, 2015

The Knights of the Green Flame have put out a call for adventurers! Chris Perkins’ Sword Coast Legends adventure module: Knights of the Green Flame is now available for to download and run as a DM, or play through with a party of friends! You need Sword Coast Legends on your computer, but hey .. you already know that, right?

Chris Perkins is the Story Manager for the Dungeons & Dragons team. Since Sword Coast Legends released, he has been enjoying sending coworkers and Sword Coast Legends adventurers through the module. He has the following tips for players running the game as a DM:

  • Some DM characters are tagged as neutral, but you can change them to friendly or hostile as appropriate.
  • The adventure is much more fun if you ad-lib lines and voices for the various DM characters.
  • Custom quests unlock new locations to explore but otherwise have no set rewards.

Free Solo Adventure for Fantasy Dungeon

December 7th, 2015

PenguinComics.com has released a free Random Solo Adventure, The Cave & the Treasure– albeit a tiny one of 28 pages. This is a simplified version of their Random Solo Adventure rules used in the game book Fantasy Dungeon, and the up-coming book Post Apocalypse.

In The Cave & the Treasure you search for a mighty treasure – but has to come first, before the evil Orcanius! Are you able to do it?

You can download it now from the PenguinComics.com website. The 28-paged book is a 5Mb interactive PDF. You might want to have a pencil, 6-sided dice and paper ready…

Downloadable scenarios for Tail Feathers

December 6th, 2015

Tail Feathers is on its way to gamers’ hands from Plaid Hat Games. But the fun in the box is only the beginning!

The first two downloadable scenarios for Tail Feathers have been released. These are FREE printable scenarios to go along with the initial 4 scenarios in the Tail Feathers base game. These scenarios also are arriving right on the heels of the free pilot card, Twitch, published a few weeks ago.

These items are the first of many free online expansions for Tail Feathers. Each scenario has its own story, art, special rules, quick play forces, and custom force totals.