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Achievement unlocked : 2000 Articles!

September 23rd, 2013

I Will Never Grow Up Gaming has unlocked a milestone achievement : 2000 (+) Articles!

Between news, reviews, tutorials and everything in between we have been hard at work since April 2012 to bring you everything relevant that we can find about tabletop gaming

It has been our pleasure over the past year and a half bringing you all of this fantastic content and we look forward to doing so for years to come!



It’s “Read an RPG Book in Public” week!

July 21st, 2013

Starting today, and running until July 27th, is Read an RPG Book in Public Week.

That’s all you need to do to participate! Why? To help make the hobby more visible to others. It doesn’t matter which RPG book you’re reading, as long as you’re reading it in public.

If you’re on Facebook, make sure to checkout the Facebook page.

If you’re on Twitter, make sure to post about your public readings with the hashtag #?readrpgs?.