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REVIEW : Fantasy Coins and Bars


Written by James Campbell of I Will Never Grow Up Gaming on May 8th, 2015

If you play board games you’ve encountered all manner of paper play money and cardboard coins and tokens and the annoyance of having to sit there punching out sheets of flimsy little coins. You also know the invevitable sight of having that paper fold, crumple, tear and stain when you play that game a lot and that one guy in your game group always has to eat flourescent orange cheese puffs (ok .. that guy may be me, but I digress); Having those cardboard circles roll off the table because it’s so light that someone sneezed and away it went; Needing tweezers or very slender fingers just to pick it up off the table.



If you don’t play board games .. just how the heck did you end up landing here anyway?!

Paper money and cardboard coins are all well and good for kids or Monopoly but there is nothing like the feeling of real, cold, hard metal. There are several options available these days to get you there, some better than others.

In that vein, Fantasy Coins LLC is running a Kickstarter campaign just like they did last year.  Only it’s not just like they did last year, because it’s for 10 NEW coins sets .. and gems .. and gold and silver bars.  So it’s kind of like last years.  Only different.  Bigger. Better!

Each of the coins is beautifully crafted with fantastic iconography on both faces.  Kudos to the artist. They look amazing and every single set perfectly depicts the theme it’s geared to.  Speaking of theme, there are fantasy themes (Elven, Dwarven, Orcs, Cthulhu, etc), sci-fi themes (Credits), historical based coins and more.

They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes as well. The coins have some good weight to them without being over burdening.  Being Canadian, I can tell you they feel about the same weight as our $1 coins.  To go with the weight the size of the coins is just about perfect.  There is a small variation in size between gold, silver and copper, with copper being the smallest of them.  And there is a wide variety of shapes to go with those sizes, depending on the set you choose.

Not only do they feel right with their weight they sound fantastic too.  Yes, that’s right .. sound.  Coins have a sound to them when you drop them, stack them, play with them .. and these ones sound right.  They have a good click and clang without any dulling to the noise.  They jingle in the bag just as coins should.

The coins are a nice thickness too, so you won’t have any troubles picking them up. And that’s the OLD set.  The new set promises to be even thicker.

victory point


What is even better is the variety of coins available.  You can tailor your purchase to the games you play, from fantasy RPG’s, historical board games to Sci-Fi and everything in between. Even Victory Point coins (see to the right) are available, which is pretty nice if you ask me.  Using cardboard chits for victory points is all well and good but these are stunning.

The hex gems are quite nice as well.  They’re 44mmx18mmx7mm laser cut from glass and hand polished.  No acrylic junk here!  They come in green, red, blue,  yellow, orange, purple and one colour to be voted on by backers. Quite a variety of colours.  They also list on their Kickstarter page that there are smaller gems in 4 different shapes under development. Personally I would go for those instead of the set that they have with the kickstarter as I think the smaller size and variety of shapes will go over much better and just look that much more “real”.

The campaign ends in a week and they’ve gone well over their funding goal, so get in fast while the getting is good!

Fantasy Coins and Bars Kickstarter will net you 30 coins or 7 gems for $15.

You have choice too;

  • 10 of each coin (gold, silver and copper),
  • 30 of the same coin.
  • 7 Mixed gems,
  • 7 of the same gem.

Choice is good!

That is not a bad deal for these hefty little items, especially compared to some of the (often lesser quality) competition. And the deal gets better if you use the add-ons for more coins and gems, or bars at $10-14 for each extra set of coins/gems and $1.40 per (actual) 24k or silver plated small bar!  Lets not forget you have to add shipping to that as well but they have added a lovely little pledge
calculator to help you calculate your pledge amount, shipping and stretch goals before the end of the campaign. Damn you shippers, stealing some of my gold.  They’re pirates, I tell you!

They’ve even included add ons such as faux leather pouches, cotton pouches, 24k gold or pure silver plated coins and a sample pack (the old version of the coins with 45 coins).

Let’s wrap this up then, shall we?

Fantasy Coins LLC has yet another fantastic gaming accessory available to fill that void in games.  These coins are the perfect addition to those games that use fake coin money and would add a great bit of fun to any roleplaying game night!

Overall Score : 4/5 (A little cheaper would be nice, but the price is still great .. I’m just a cheapskate)

Pros :
Great weight, sound and feel
Won’t tear
Can be cleaned
Adds a lot of style to your game(s)

Cons :
Added weight to the game (for travel – not a lot of weight but when it starts to add up it could be an issue for some)
Added cost (you could go hog wild adding coins of all kinds and the next thing you know, can’t pay your rent! #Gamerproblems)
We have to wait for them to arrive! (ok, that’s not a con, it’s impatience)

serpent coins



rangers coins


cthulhu coins


forgemaster coins


Disclaimer : Fantasy Coins LLC sent a set of their original coins and gems to review.   The writers at I Will Never Grow Up Gaming do their best to write unbiased reviews based on personal opinion; a free game or gaming accessory does not equal a positive review.

Fantasy Coins and Bars back to Kickstarter with 10 new sets and updated goodies!

May 1, 2015

Fantasy Coin LLC are excited to be bringing you 10 new coin sets for 2015! These coins are a great addition to ANY game using old-timey/fantasy money from Board games to RPG’s. We will be bringing you a review of the new product in the next week or so too, so stay tuned!

Like last years campaign, they will be made in the same high quality but most will be THICKER (when appropriate) for more heft and a better overall feel and, yes, sound!

The new box measures 145mm x 40mm x 64mm and is made from thick paperboard, laminated with a matte finish, and sturdy EVA foam on the inside. Each box will have a unique barcode, SKU, Description, and pictures of the coins on the bottom for easy fulfillment. Although the box will no longer have a view window, there will be pictures of the type of coins on the bottom so you can keep these for a storage solution. Each set will even have unique artwork for the tops.

This new design not only makes fulfillment and storage a breeze but it also provides better protection for the coins during shipping. No matter how badly the postal system treats your package; your coins will remain safe and sound.

Fantsy Coin have created their own pledge management system within our website. Choosing your coin sets will be very easy and everyone will have exact postage calculated when finalizing their rewards.

Calculating shipping through our pledge manager will help reduce transaction costs and allow us to give more away in stretch goals. It also ensures that no one overpays for shipping!

Fantasy Coin, LLC creates fantasy currencies, e.g. coins used in a fictional world, with exclusive designs or based on popular properties such as MMO’s and movies.  Through our proprietary manufacturing process, these coins are given the proper look, feel, weight, and sound which allow them to appear as if they are actual currency used in a fantasy world.  People have been painting plastic chips or have been forced to use real coins to role play with for years… no longer will they be forced to do so!  No property is too big or small for us to create an attractive currency for.  We know how important the lore/storyline is to fans and we always strive to properly represent that; if a design is not right, we send it back – no compromises!

Fantasy Coins kickstarter relaunched

January 14th, 2015

Never Stop Tops & Coins has relaunched their Fantasy Gaming Coins Kickstarter .

Grow or start your collection of fantasy coins with these high quality and weighty pieces. Complement any role-playing game or accessorize any fantasy character. Enhance your backstory and establish a unique currency exclusive to your land and game.

Designs were inspired from themes of ancient cultures, mystical elements and lore. 42 beautifully designed 3-dimensional coins comprise fourteen collections, and perfectly bring any character to life. Plated in antique gold, silver and copper finishes, the coins feature unique designs on the front and back, and the coins’ edges are raised for easy stacking. Quality

The superior quality of this series is due to the material, coin thickness and incredible detail. The zinc alloy allows for a weightier feel. Antiquing

This collection of coins has undergone an intricate antiquing process to add to the old-world feel. The antiquing powder adhered to the sandblasted surfaces and the grooves of the designs – providing contrast and accentuating the depth of the 3D elements.

Fantasy Coins launched on Kickstarter by 4am

December 16th, 2014

4am has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Fantasy Coins from the Far Eastern Realms.

Add some realism to your RPGs, or use them as tokens and other markers for any eastern-inspired game like Kinsei or Bushido.

Half a year ago, 340 backers has helped with my first project: Fantasy Coins from the Eastern Realms, and with their help, 8 great tooling has been created as a result of it!

Ever since then, there has been a lot of people asking if they could join in on the project, however because I was tied up with other projects and production, I could not have added them in. Now that most of the backers has received their coins, today series 2 will go live!

First of all, the original 8 designs are available for purchasing, and with series 2, another 4 designs have been added! The funding goal will go towards in creating the tooling for the 4 designs, I’m sure that it’s no problem for everyone!

The size of the coin is 2mm thick, and 30mm diameter. It is Aluminum Alloy Plated with a finish that will make all the details show. It weights just like, if not better than most of the other fantasy coins out in the market.

Hand minted Fantasy Coins up on Kickstarter

July 20th, 2014

Fantasy Coins are hand-minted for that authentic, medieval feel that they bring to your fantasy RPG games.

Need a stack of fat hand minted fantasy coins or game tokens? I have them here! Made from raw ingots smelted down, forged, shaped, and minted all by hand using ancient techniques to add authentic realism to your LARP, RP, Table Game, Cosplay, or whatever else you want big chunky coins for!