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New Algoryn AI Heavy Support Howitzer for Gates of Antares

Dec 29, 2017

Warlord Games have released the new Algoryn AI Heavy Support Howitzer model for the Gates of Antares Sci-Fi Miniatures Wargame.

The Algoryn are a proud warrior race ruled by military elites who have earned their place in combat. The Algoryn Prosperate boasts some of the most highly-trained, motivated and best-equipped forces in Antarean space. Its arsenals produce basic but effective and sturdy weapons, able to endure the toughest conditions and serve in the most demanding of battles.

This product contains the following models:

1 Algoryn X-howitzer
3 Algoryn AI crew
1 Algoryn Spotter Probe
1 munitions pod

2nd Wave of Freeborn for Gates of Antares released

August 9th, 2015

This week Warlord Games have released further reinforcements in the Antarean universe – the recently released Freeborn see their ranks bolstered with the inclusion of four new units for Gates of Antares

The Freeborn are merchants and traders, pursuers of wealth, in?uence and power within Antarean space. Their numerous ?eets maintain a free-?ow of commodities and technology between human worlds and beyond. The neutral status of the Freeborn allows their ships to travel easily between antagonistic societies such as the Isorian Shard and Panhuman Concord, and the Ghar and Algoryn. Although the Freeborn maintain a number of hidden worlds as supply bases, for the most part they stand aside and apart from other human societies, recognising no masters but the lord of their own household.

WGA-FRB-03-Freeborn-Vardanari-b1-600x563 WGA-FRB-05-Mhagris-Squad-b1-600x600

WGA-FRB-20-Freeborn-Command-squad-a-600x600 WGA-FRP-24-Freeborm-mag-light-support-team-600x498