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Infinity Engine releases dungeon scenery

September 27th, 2016

Infinity Engine has created a whole range of great dungeon scatter scenery, doors, treasure, pits of fire and acid/bubbling lava and loads more.

From the publisher:

I found that when I’m playing role playing games I really don’t have the time or cash to build one of those amazing fully built 3D model dungeons and for speed and ease of play drawing on a write-on/wipe-off surface is the quickest way to create a map as the players make there way through the adventure. I put a couple of my column models on the map as we played and it suddenly made the experience much more characterful, that’s when the idea of the this scenery set came about. I made plinths for the columns and that kept them stable, and worked on the whole range, I hope you love them as I do and find they add some extra character to your gaming sessions.

Infinity-Engine explore R’Lyeh with new Mausoleum model

October 12th, 2015

Infinity-Engine have released their latest R’lyeh terrain model, the Mausoleum.

The four sides of the pyramid are adorned with octopoid sculpture and the entrance is embellished with nautilus designs, three inhuman sized steps lead up to the pyramid, for the fool hardy investigator to venture. Infinity-Engine aim to make models and scenery that have great character .. and this one does!

The model is in six parts cast in resin and it’s easy to build. It’s 11.5cm in height, 14cm in depth and 10.5cm wide. Supplied unpainted and investigator models are shown for size only and are not included.