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Cost of Greed Book For Infinity RPG Now Available

June 29, 2019

A chance discovery on Paradiso leads to the uncovering of a VoodooTech smuggling ring, with the clues leading to an intelligence agency or corporation. Follow the rabbit hole, follow the money, and the trail of breadcrumbs may soon provide clues to a plot that could put the whole Human Sphere at risk.

Cost of Greed is a mini campaign of five non-linear adventures that provide the characters with a chance to meet, work alongside, and challenge the key characters from Corvus Belli’s Dire Foes Missions packs 1-5.

First Domino: Follow the trail of a smuggling ring trafficking VoodooTech from Paradiso to the crowded streets of Yinquan. Will the tight-lipped Yanjing be involved or perhaps the shady MagnaObra corporation?

Ice and Fire: Seeking clues to the architect and purpose of the smuggling ring, the characters need to embrace the icy cold of Svarthelma to find the answers they seek.

Quantronic Noise: A hacking cell operating from an enclave on Bakunin are a key factor in the operation. Their ability to manipulate the characters’ patinas, however, may flip the Wilderness of Mirrors on its head, creating enemies of both civilians and former friends.

Hot Sands: Chasing an exec for the intel she’s hiding will lead the characters into a fight to survive on the Silk Road, but her enemies could prove more overwhelming than they bargained for.

The Black Box: With the war on Paradiso itself under threat, and the safety of the Human Sphere at stake, infiltrating the operational centre of the cabal responsible could turn disaster into victory.

Two new battle mats for Infinity

December 4th, 2014

Micro Art Studio has released two new battle mats designed specifically for use with Infinity – Icestorm and Warehouse are available in their on-line store.

Both mats are 48inch x 48inch
The mats are a mixture of polyester and rubber.   Top part is a high quality printout on polyester surface. The bottom part is made of rubber thanks to that it does not slip.
It’s similar to the “mousepad” material.
The colour of printout may vary little compared to the ones shown on the picture.
The buildings, resin terrain, miniatures shown on the other pictures are not included and are just samples of quality you can expect.


New gaming aids for Dropzone Commander, Infinity, Warmachine & others

October 1st, 2014

War Mage Games has new gaming aids that make your life easier and let you focus more on the game itself.

for Dropzone Commander:

• Battlegroup Activation Counter, for 2 players, lets you keep track of the 6 battlegropus and the 7 game moves.
• Gate Activation Counter, for 2 players, lets you keep track of the 16 gates of the Shaltari faction.
• Objective Marker Set made from engraved MDF, replacing the cardboard markers. Total of 47 markers for “Objective, “Possible”, “Intel” and “Focal Point”


  •  50 mm Objective Marker, indicating the 15 hitpoints by turning. Also possible in different versions, e.g. 10 Points for Warhammer etc.

Infinity / Warmachine / other systems:

  •  two new rulers. A triangle with 2, 4 and 5 inch sides and a ruler with 1, 2, 4 and 8 inch sides.

As with most of the items, acrylic color can be chosen and individual engraving of your name or logo is possible.

50mm-objective-marker-with-hit-counter Dropzone-Commander-objective-markers

various-rulers-available-for-different-game-systems DZC-battlegroup-and-gate-activation-counters

3 new terrain sets from Micro Art Studio

September 17th, 2014

Micro Art Studio have released 3 new Sci-Fi terrain pieces.  One specifically designed for use with Infinity miniatures.

Two unpainted hardfoam Hive Maws.
Each Maw consists of 8 teeth made of resin Needs to be assembled
Length: 22 cm / 8,7 inch
Width: 13,4 cm / 5,3 inch
Height: 15 cm / 5,9 inch

One unpainted Hive Crest.
Length: 22 cm / 8,7 inch
Width: 13,4 cm / 5,3 inch
Height: 15 cm / 5,9 inch

And new resin designed for infinity stuff:
The set consists of 6 unpainted resin Road Barriers.
Length: 7,9 cm / 3,1 inch
Width: 2 cm / 0,8 inch
Height: 2 cm / 0,8 inch


Infinity battlemat released by Micro Art Studios

September 8th, 2014

Micro Art Studios has released an impressive battle mat designed for Corvus Bellie’s Infinity miniatures game.

The battle mat is a handy 48×48 inch size and are a mixture of polyester and rubber. The top part is a high quality printout on polyester surface. The bottom side is made of rubber to ensure that it does not slip on your game table. It’s similar to the materials used on the bottom of mousepads.

The colour of the printout may vary a little compared to the ones shown in the picture, according to Micro Art. The buildings shown on the picture not included.

It is expected to retail for 49,20 Euro.

Infinity: Icestorm now available for pre-order

August 4th, 2014

This year Corvus Belli will heat the summer with the release of its first Battle Pack!

Operation: Icestorm will be available in September and it is a totally new product in the Infinity catalogue. A box containing 14 miniatures belonging to two different armies, an introductory ruleset, scenery, dice… everything you need to start collecting Infinity or just to complete your collection!

Apart of that, Operation: Icestorm is the way to be introduced in the Infinity 3rd Edition, the largely awaited revision of this game, as it includes a full color 64 page rulebook (English/Spanish) with 5 tutorial missions to learn to play, making easy to understand the Infinity core mechanics.

In this book you will also find the background and troop profiles of all the troops of the Battle Pack, being 3 of them totally new! There is also a brief guide to the Infinity universe and advices about how to deep more on it.

Operation: Icestorm contains 2 totally new and re-sculpted Starter Packs of two different factions, PanOceania and Nomads. And it also includes 2 exclusive miniatures, one per faction, only available in this Battle Pack. A total amount of 14 highly detailed metal miniatures!

And to fulfill the game experience, the Battle Pack includes ready-to-play cardboard scenery (4 buildings and 6 containers), a game mat, 6 twenty-sided dice (3 PanOceanians and 3 Nomads), and also cardboard Markers, Templates and a measurement ruler. Everything you need to start playing!

Comanche Barracks for Infinity available from Warsenal

June 21st, 2014

Warsenal  release their new USAriadnan “Comanche” Colonial Defensive Post for Infinity miniature gaming.

Every soldier needs a bunk. This two story building provides a lot of playable interior space. They even included a bathroom! Underneath is parking for remotes or bikes. Exterior walkways provide cover for units to patrol.  Affordable without sacrificing detail this building will make a great addition to any table and looks great along side our Command Bunker and Comanche Pillboxes.

Dimensions: 11in x 8in x 5in